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The Law Offices of M Steven Wagle PA is a bilingual law office.  We are at your service. We offer reliable advice and representation in legal matters concerning a variety of disciplines. M Steven Wagle was a law clerk to the Honorable Judge, John K Pearson.  His practice in bankruptcy, criminal law, personal injury law and workman's compensation law is exemplary.  Mr Wagle has been practicing in these fields for more than 25 years.  Let our legal team put its experience to work for you!


El Abogado Esteban Wagle hable Espanol.  Confie en un abogado que hable tu idioma.  El es especialista en Bancarrota, Penalistas Defensores, DUI, traffico, Accidentes de Vehiculos,Compensacion de Trabajadores, Casos de Criminales, Casos de fallecimientos, casos de narcoticos, domestic violence all job injuries y mucho mucho mas.  "Hable con un Abagodo que habla tu idioma." ! Llama ahora!  

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Mr. Wagle has been practicing Bankruptcy Litigation for more than 25 years!  He has vast experience in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 12 cases.  Mr. Wagle is a published author.  We understand that excessive debt is not your fault.  Many things in life occur due to otside factors.  Loss of job, lay offs, divorce can all cause debt to spiral out of controll.  Call the law Offices of M. Steven Wagle to get your FRESH START!


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"The Defense Never Rests" is not just Mr. Wagle's creed; it is the very essence of how Mr. Wagle represent his clients. When you are arrested, you need a strong defense from experienced/result-oriented attorney who will take every step necessary within the ethical boundaries to develop and achieve the best possible defense for your case.  Mr Wagle specializes in both Federal and State Court.  Mr Wagle  was a Federal law clerk here in Wichita, KS.  Mr. Wagle's office is conveniently located in downtown Wichita at 301 N Market.


Call our office at 1-800-864-6289, 316-264-4878


The Law Offices of M Steven Wagle handles all types of personal injury cases.  Every year, millions of people are injured in job related accidents - many very seriously. Most injured workers do not understand that they have the right to substantial benefits for medical care and wage losses. Employees can bring claims for the loss of use of a part of their body and can, at times, obtain compensation for disability. If you were injured on-the-job due to the fault of some other person or company you may have a separate a separate lawsuit against the other person or company.  We handle all types of personal injury cases including, but not limited to: car accidents, large truck accidents, reckless driving, injury cases,  negligence, torts, car accident victims, damages, wrongful death, vehicle accidents, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycle accidents, third party lawsuits, damaged cars, insurance settlements, auto accidents, medical bills, aircraft workers, permanent injury, rear-end collisions, liability insurance, accidents from drunk drivers and property damage.

Contact the Law Offices of M Steven Wagle for your on the job accident, or vehicle accident.  Call today!  If you are unable to visit our office due to injury, we will come to your home or visit you in the hospital.  Call Today!


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